The 90/10 Rule

Maybe you’ve heard of it….maybe not? Here’s the gist of it. When planning your nutritional guidelines or diet, it’s important to remember that perfect adherence is unrealistic, limiting and quite simply, no fun! Whatever diet you’re following (there’s far to many to mention) you’re best to aim for 90% compliance. Every diet plan out there has guidelines for you to decipher and apply. 90% compliance means that you’re following the guidelines for 90% of your meals and choosing outside of the guidelines (indulging if you will) 10% of the time. Summarize how many meals you eat per day and therefore per week. Three meals per day equals 21 meals per week so 90% compliance means 19 meals are following your guidelines and 2 meals are indulgent. When you remove absolute strictness your plan becomes more manageable and livable.

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