How much exercise is enough?

To be fair, this is a very vague question but to answer it simply; if you’re progressing towards your goal with your current amount of exercise than it’s enough. How are you measuring your progression? Are you loosing bodyweight, fat or inches? Are you gaining strength, indicated by; quicker recovery, shorter rest periods, increased repetitions, longer workouts and/or heavier weight lifted? You must track your efforts in order to properly access your progress. If, however, you aren’t progressing or at the rate you want to do so than an increase in effort may be required. Some suggestions are;

Add another workout day to your routine (another leg day perhaps).

Try a new sport to enjoy your increased activity level.

Go for walks, hikes or runs (or increase your distance) and soak up some beautiful fall colours.

Challenge your kids to timed planks or wall sits.

Be less time efficient and take more trips up and down the stairs.

New actions that are persistently practiced will become habits over time!

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