No matter what you want to accomplish in any given day, beginning with gratitude can make a world of difference. While I’m sure you have task lists and appointments on your calendar that require your attention and focus at different points in your day, it’s also important to reserve time for gratitude. I find that waking with gratitude sets a nice tone for the day as it helps bring my attention to positive thoughts. Often these thoughts are as simple as; stretching out in a comfortable bed or the warmth of my rain shower waking me gently. There’s no right or wrong answer here friends, you know what you’re grateful for and bringing your focus to these things simply feels good! Beyond the start of your day gratitude can propel you to achieve more. While working on a goal be aware of and grateful for your progress. Did those extra walking lunges firm up your thighs? Are you gaining knowledge on a topic that interests you? Have you felt inspired by reading something positive? Being aware of and grateful for these achievements will inspire further accomplishments. Of course there is a balance of good and bad in our lives, but the former simply feels better so why not strive for that?

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