Decision to Determination

So you’ve made the exciting decision to change your body by; building strength, increasing energy, developing more confidence, decreasing your waistline or whatever you’ve chosen to improve. Turn this decision into determination by following your plan as best you can. Be positive and pro-active when faced with adversity……whatever it may be;

Gym requires face coverings – source out a variety and choose the one that suits you best.

Uncomfortable attending the gym – workout at home with a friend, your partner, a coach or on your own.

Kids or family distracting you from workouts – get them involved or find some alone time.

Served a meal that doesn’t fit into your guidelines – enjoy it and plan your next meal within them.

There are countless speed bumps, twists, turns and roadblocks on every journey. Celebrate the determination, strength and wisdom it takes to overcome them on the way to your reward.

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