Decision is a very important step. Sometimes (oftentimes) it’s more than the first step and needs to be repeated. Your goal and detailed action plan are editable and perseverance wins!

Imagine that you’re on a road trip to a specific destination and you come across a ROAD CLOSED sign. Cancel the trip and go home? Not a chance! Find a detour right??

I’m building an online business that requires technology and my phone decides to take an extended nap. Close up shop and cease helping you fabulous people?? Not a chance! Use alternate devices, repair or replace phone, stay in touch as best as possible….. and the motivation and education continues.

Does your strength and mobility action plan include 4 workouts per week but a migraine slows you down for a couple of days? Rest and care for yourself and pick up the workouts when you’re feeling well.

Are you following a whole food meal plan and your beautiful Aunt served you a homemade lasagne dinner when you visited? Thank her and enjoy it! Back to the meal plan afterwards.

Troubleshooting = finding the best detour to your road blocks along the way.

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