Re-create meals with leftovers

You’ve got so much to accomplish and family to care for as the days seem to go by in a flash. Enjoying healthy and delicious dinners isn’t something that you need to sacrifice. I find that meal re-creations minimize your time in the kitchen and eliminate the boredom you may feel when eating simple leftovers. It’s really quite simple, here are some suggestions; Leftover roasted chicken and potatoes can easily become potato soup with diced chicken and paired with a simple salad. Your favorite fried rice is re-created by stuffing halved peppers with it, baking them and topping with your choice of fresh herbs. Grilled tuna steak and sautéed broccoli slaw become fun tuna tacos in lettuce wraps or taco shells, hard or soft. The possibilities are endless and your only limitation is your imagination. The more you practice meal re-creations, the easier it will become. Likely you’ll find yourself envisioning the re-creation as you’re working on the creation!

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