Being Open Minded

This characteristic is something that many of us want and also profess to be. I recognize that it’s easier said than done of course. Another person’s struggles or challenges aren’t something that we feel as deeply as our own. Having outside perspective removes or protects us from the feelings associated with the struggle (aside from empathy). Consider how supportive and directive you can be towards a loved one and aim to offer yourself the same direction and support. It’s also important to recognize and deal with the emotions that arise as a result of that challenge. This means that you’re entitled to your feelings, whatever they may be, and that when you find the appropriate solution those feeling are likely to change.

When a problem arises that interrupts your day or plan then troubleshoot and contemplate various solutions. When my cell phone didn’t work for a day I communicated with a different media source and used an old phone as back-up. Are you seeking a short term or long term solution? When the phone problem was repeated I outsourced to my service provider to discuss correction options. Consider all your options and determine which one feels right to you. Believe me when I tell you that each of these occasions were irritating and frustrating to me (some of you know that). Irritations aside they still required solutions so I sought them out and felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. Much better feelings than irritation and frustration.

Being open minded doesn’t necessitate immediate solutions or an absence of emotional response. It simply means that there is an appropriate reaction for every action and those are often unique to each of us. Have patience and find the right one for you!

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