Maintaining Dedication

Change is inevitable and we’ve known this for time. It is, in fact, the only constant. So why do we continue to let it adversely affect us? I’m not suggesting that we should be immune from emotional responses because that would be nearly impossible for most, myself included. If you know me (as most of you do) then you know that I emote quite honestly and often instantly. Of course I miss the gym during these red zone restrictions and I’ll openly share that. I haven’t stopped working out though, and neither have the other dedicated individuals I know. Change your workout to suit your surroundings and your needs. My bodyweight leg workout had me sweating and breathing heavily yesterday and it felt great! You know damn well how good you feel after a workout so why deprive yourself of that feeling? Remember that fill your cup philosophy that I share often? Ensure that you accommodate your wants and needs to keep your cup full. The good feels are way more enjoyable then the crappy ones and we need them more than ever. Agreed??

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