Wishes and Wants

Although there are similarities between wishes and wants there are also distinct differences. They both occupy our minds and hearts whether they are our original thoughts or are planted there by others. Either way they are powerful and exciting things to think about or focus on. They offer us the opportunity to use our creativity and imagination. Having a focus or a goal gives us motivation and direction so long as it is clearly planned and actionable. This is the primary difference between a wish and a want. A clear and actionable plan. Wishes are like dreams and lack focus and direction. Consider how your dreams play out, often erratic and somewhat confusing. A wish is a fun and exciting start but without deciding upon it as a want, creating an action plan and following that plan it’s highly unlikely to evolve into its physical or material counterpart. By adding the power of decision and the magic of creativity to your wishes you turn them into wants and the action you take delivers them to you!

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