Be Kind

The first lesson of the year is to be kind. To yourself first then to others. When faced with adversary (as we all currently are) it’s so important to prioritize the importance selfcare. This takes on so many meanings. Our physical wellness requires rest, hydration, nourishment and movement. Makes sense right? You typically feel better when these needs are cared for. Beyond the physical it’s also important to nurture your mind and your spirit. Being aware of and respecting your boundaries will protect you from being mentally tapped out or overburdened. Remember the saying, “don’t bite off more than you can chew”? It’s not referring to eating. Be aware of what you can comfortably fit in your schedule on a daily or weekly basis and adhere to it! That’s completely on you! If you can help while adhering to self imposed boundaries then do so. If not then kindly decline. Protecting yourself from an overburdened schedule is also kinder to your spirit – aka feelings. When you feel better, you act better….to yourself first then to others.

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