Why I Love Lists

I haven’t always been a fan of lists, in fact I used to despise them. They felt daunting and caused me stress when incomplete. That all changed for me when I learned how to organize them and think about them. Most of my lists are currently electronic; on my phone or laptop while some remain on paper for the purpose of brainstorming or creative flair – colour choices and doodling. To overcome the stressed feeling of an incomplete list I changed how I thought of them. Some lists are simple and easily completed in a day – I call these Daily To-Do Lists and like to incorporate check boxes for the fabulous feeling of, well, checking the boxes!! Others quite simply take more time and that’s ok too. If you’re wanting to build a house or loose 20lbs you obviously can’t accomplish that in a day and would serve yourself well to accept that. Organizing your lists into daily, weekly, monthly or longer term as well as into themes is also quite helpful. Building a house has very little to do with loosing 20lbs. Use as much or as little detail as you require for inspiration on your lists and ensure that they can be tucked away (in a file on your electronic device or in a drawer) while not in use. Remember that lists serve you, not the other way around!

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