Diet Season?

We’re well into the New Year and the diet advertisements are coming at us fast and furious on various media sources. First of all I’d like to illustrate my preferred definition of that four lettered word, diet; It is the sum of food consumed by a person or habitual nourishment. Do you want to make changes to your diet? How do you choose what’s best for you? Simply stated that is the answer – what’s best for you! There are, quite simply, too many diets to list. I’ve found that trial and error works best for myself and most clients. Review diet options, make a choice and adhere (mostly) to that choice for a period of time. How long is long enough, you ask? It really depends on the reactions that you experience. If you have an adverse reaction to any food, you should obviously stop eating that. Beyond that I’d suggest giving a new diet a minimum of 21 days and track how you feel; energy levels, digestive response, weight loss, etc. Have some patience and recognize that you didn’t become who you are physically overnight and you won’t change that way either!

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