What to do With Lemons?

We all know the saying; “When life gives you lemons then make lemonade.” What does that mean exactly? Not all experiences or occasions are sweet. In fact, many are a blend of sweet and sour. A current personal experience is that my daughter is moving out in a few days and while I’m feeling so much excitement and pride I’ll also miss her terribly. I have, and will continue to, allow myself to experience the sadness when it pops up. Then I will focus on so many sweet things like; my pride in her for making her way as an adult, excitement for the independence that lies ahead of her, my love and gratitude for the beautiful person that she is, and my enjoyment of an easier to manage 3 adult home (it’s common knowledge that I love a tidy house). Considering the fact that we have power over our emotions, life is like lemonade and only you are in control of how sweet it is!

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