Action Planning

I’m sure you’re familiar with this term cause it’s often talked about but usually without much clarity. An action plan is like directions to get you somewhere or a recipe to create something. Knowing exactly what you want is important for your end goal but how you get there is a very important step – or steps. Write out, in point form, all that is necessary to get you to your goal either by yourself or with some help. There’s usually many steps that are repeated over and over but the key point here is that they’re steps – not giant hurdles. Simple and repeatable actions are what get you to your end goal! Don’t sweat the perfection of them cause you can edit them as it suits you along the way. Think about recipes that you’ve made without having the perfect ingredients – I bet they still turned out great right? Once the creation of your action plan is done you know what you gotta do right? Take immediate action!

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