Limiting Beliefs

What are these pesky little buggers? Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts that we have holding us back or making us feel limited in what we can achieve. Sometimes we come up with them on our own and some are planted in our mind by others. In order to overcome them we first need to be honest with ourselves and recognize what they are. Next comes the question of validity – is that belief true? Quite often it isn’t but we’ve accepted it because that’s easier than changing the belief in order to overcome it. Let’s face it, change is hard. Changing that belief begins with re-wording it to be positive. Once you’ve addressed the truth (or absence) part of the belief this is easy. Coming to accept or believe this new thought takes repetition and some time. How much time exactly depends on your commitment to it. Given the power of beliefs and how they drive our actions, whether negative or positive, I’d say commitment to the later is important! Agreed?

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