Know What You Want?

I recognize that this seems like a silly question to many of you and I certainly don’t mean to sound condescending. Honestly, I’ve been guilty of being dishonest with myself about what I truly want in the past. Does this sound familiar? You think that you want something (let’s use shrinking your waistline as an example) but you make no efforts to achieve that. Sometimes this means that you don’t believe you can achieve it – in which case there are deeper issues that require resolution and a different approach is necessary. Other times it can mean that you’re actually happy with your waistline (continuing with the same example) and you’ve let external forces – peers, family, friends, and/or media influence your want. I really believe that we’ve all done this before! My challenge to you is this; take a deeper look at your wants and choose to honor only those that are truly important to you!

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