Should Word Choice Matter?

In a nutshell, absofuckinlutley! I used the word ‘should’ to help illustrate that point. It’s too vague because it implies a guideline or recommendation wherever possible. Consider the goal of loosing bodyfat and creating a plan to do so. Does this sound like a good action step in that plan; I should eat more veggies. There’s a lot of room for interpretation there and if you wanna get something done it’s best to make a clear decision and take action with a statement like this; I will fill half my plate with veggies for each meal. Clear directions are easier to follow right? They also inspire better feelings like comfort and confidence which helps to fuel your efforts. The the title of this post would be made clearer if it read; does word choice matter? OR clearer still by asking; why does word choice matter? Hope this helps to illustrate the importance of word choice and how it inspires and directs you to get things done!

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