Success Comes From Effort

You can decide what you want and create a kick-ass plan to get it but if you don’t make consistent efforts you won’t be successful. It just doesn’t make sense to expect a change in your body without changing how you care for it. You deserve and need a number of things in order to feel energized, strong and confident. Rest includes both quality sleep and the appropriate amount of downtime to repair and recover from day to day activity. Which brings me to my next point – you’re built to move so it’s important to do that everyday, however you like. The foods you choose are paramount to both your health and your weight loss success. Whole and colourful food is absolutely the right way to go!! Just keep in mind that eating perfectly is a ridiculous expectation and following the 80/20 rule makes it way easier. Ultimately a change in your actions, thoughts and feelings will bring about a change in your body – otherwise known as success!

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