Your Plan has Gotta Work for You!

We’re at that time of year again. Planning the future and making goals is more prominent now than at any other time. Reviewing what this year has brought us or taught us is an important part of goal planning. You see, we are all unique and even if our goals are similar (weight loss for example) we’ve gotta approach that goal in our own way. Knowing what works for you comes from trial and error…life itself ya know? If you still have a weight loss goal then some part of your plan hasn’t worked in the past. Perhaps it was too aggressive or restrictive? This often leads to gaining the weight back – it certainly did for me! Maybe you got distracted or disappointed and stopped your efforts, which obviously doesn’t work either. Whatever tripped you up in the past can be a valuable lesson, if you learn from it. Ultimately, you know yourself better than anyone else but a sympathetic, knowledgeable and experienced coach can help to make a seemingly arduous task more comfortable and enjoyable 😉.

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