Don’t Jump In!

Because it’s both scary and exciting to begin a new process, very often fear wins and you don’t even start. Think about getting into cold water or an uncomfortable conversation that’s necessary. Jumping in, literally or figuratively, creates a HUGE sense of anxiety or uneasiness. Why not dip your toes then wade in slowly. Planning, scheduling and/or beginning the conversation with, “I’d like to talk about something important to me” is far more gentle than, “You pissed me off when you…” Consider taking the same approach when creating healthier lifestyle habits. Walk daily instead of signing up to run a marathon next month. Fill half your plate with colourful veggies that you like in lieu of cutting carbs completely 😋. Replace one alcoholic bevie with a glass of water. I bet these steps sound much more doable and repeatable that and complete lifestyle overhaul right?

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