What’s Your Plan???

I really can’t stress this point enough. You must have a plan in order to reach a goal. A simple wish or want doesn’t cut it. What can be simple however, is the goal AND plan to achieve it. It’s not rocket science – unless of course you’re wanting to be a rocket scientist that is. Begin with a goal using the following criteria. It will specify what you want. It’s not to lose some weight but rather to drop a specific amount of weight OR circumference measurement. It will be measurable as indicated in the previous sentence. Your goal must also be achievable and realistic. Dropping 20 pounds within a month is neither safely achievable or realistic. The timeline you set will promote and inspire your accountability to the plan. Have a look at the detailed goal you’ve created and come up with three daily to-dos OR action steps necessary to reach it. Create them with the same detail and clarity offering yourself guidelines and structure. A plan like this isn’t wishy-washy. It’s clear and easy to follow. As easy as 123!

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