Is Fear Helpful?

It can be helpful to keep you alert and aware in a dangerous situation but aside from that I can’t think of any advantage. It’s a limiting emotion so using it to protect your safety seems valid of course but allowing it to impact or restrict your enjoyment of many of life’s experiences seems like a mistake to me. You hear of people (and likely know a few) speaking about regrets at the end of their lives and in my experience it’s only been showing remorse what what they didn’t do, say or feel. You want to live a healthy lifestyle and have lazy couch time with pizza now and then – go ahead. Dreading a difficult conversation with someone you love? Think about the kindest way to summarize your feelings then make it happen because that’s where the growth comes from in your relationship. Want to feel more energized, empowered and vibrant? Make the necessary changes to bring that about without fear of failure because every single thing you do in pursuit of that makes you stronger and healthier than you used to be!

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