Let’s Talk About…Carbs

So maybe they’re less interesting than sex but they’re still important. First of all ‘carbs’ include but are not limited to bread, pasta, rice and the often villainized potatoe. I’m a little sensitive about that one because potatoes are one of my fave foods! Carbohydrates or ‘carbs’ include all of the edible plants AND things made from them – like bread from wheat and other ingredients or potatoe chips. Clearly some carbs have more nutritional value than others – potatoes over potatoe chips. Broccoli is a carb too and it, like other veggies and fruits, is FULL of fiber, vitamins and minerals. In healthy individuals carbs are more easily broken down into glucose than the other macronutrients; fat and protein. Glucose is your brain’s favorite source of energy so doesn’t it seem dumb to avoid carbs? There are so many diet plans out there, many including them, so choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and see how you feel!

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