Why be Specific?

You don’t need to write a novel but you’ve gotta have details in your goal AND your action plan. I wanna lose weight by eating less is NOT specific enough. How much weight OR how many inches or clothing sizes lost need to be included in your goal! If you can’t visualize or see the goal then how can you possibly hit it? Loosey-goosey plans also don’t work! Your action plan must not only include detail but also be suited to you. If you’re a vegan then don’t include meat right? There are so many tips, tricks, approaches and life hacks out there so you’ve just gotta find the right ones to best suit your lifestyle. Over the last 20 years I’ve researched, developed and tried so many plans for both myself and my clients. In the last half of my 40’s I found the right plan to get to and stay in the shape that I want to be in…for good! It felt amazing to turn 50 at my high-school weight! While the specific guidelines of my plan don’t suit everyone, you can certainly find the right one for you and it’s much easier with direction and support!

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