We’re Animals Too!

Do you know why cougars (not mature women chasing younger men) don’t eat berries? It’s the same reason that deer don’t eat chicken. Because they aren’t susceptible to media or advertising and exist on food sources that are naturally occurring. Of course it is a common belief that we are more evolved as humans and that our intellect and advancements allow us to be more discerning with out dietary choices than animals are. I believe that we’ve gone too far, for many reasons, but for the purpose of this post I’ll focus on a healthy bodyweight. Many of us are ‘living high off the hog’ eating highly processed foods like meat (all of it), dairy and refined grains and it leads to weight gain. That’s it! Eating what we’re biologically designed to digest like whole, minimally processed plant based foods will result in a healthy bodyweight. Have you ever seen an overweight cougar or deer?

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