Some Losses are Better Staying Lost

Somethings lost are better staying lost…like bodyfat, inches, fatigue, pain and sleeplessness. I bet you’d agree that once lost you don’t want these things back. Far too many times I’ve heard clients say, “When I followed ‘……’ diet in the past it worked for me.”  Well if you’re still trying to lose or even worse, lose the regained bodyfat, then it didn’t work for you. Sustainable weight loss means you lose it then maintain your new weight or shape. It doesn’t have to be as difficult or restrictive as you think.
On my recent vacation I enjoyed salads, fish and fries, roasted pumpkin, potatoes and some pasta. Daily beer and wine plus water of course. I returned home weighing, feeling and looking the same, aside from a lovely tan and frizzier hair. It truly is about finding the right balance of healthy lifestyle choices and indulgences for you then maintaining that!

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