You’ve heard of carbohydrates, protein and fat of course and countless stories, theories or studies associated with each. Something that is glossed over, however, is the oversimplification of each category. For example;

Carbs are bad for you when really it’s the refined (processed) carbs that are bad for you.

Protein being solely found in animal products when it’s naturally occurring in carbs (aka plants) as well – where do you think the animals you eat get it from?

Fats are good energy or artery clogging depending on the source you choose?

I mean the information and advertising are relentlessly endless and it’s confusing as hell. That is unless you have the interest in researching and making deductions based upon years of experience …like me! Health and fitness has been my passion for my entire life (I’m no spring chicken) and that is only matched by my passion for sharing it with others…I mean I literally tear up when I get to hear success stories and it’s a fabulous dilemma!

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