Before and After

This is a classic time of year to look back and see what kinda progress you’ve made, towards any goal, but I’m speaking specifically about weight loss. There are so many ways to do that or make assessments between now and then. Some favor the scale but it’s a trigger for others. *Pro tip – if the scale leaves you feeling defeated, depressed or disappointed then it’s not the right tool for you! Measurements, how your clothes fit or the change in size on your clothes might offer more comfort or positive feelings. How about pictures? I know that many shy away from pictures and it’s why I seldom post before and after pics but I bet there’s some great pictures of you out there either on your camera roll or a friend’s. Look at them and save them to your phone (even if just for your eyes only) to inspire you cuz here’s the best pro tip I can offer; the feeling of pride and happiness go WAY further to inspire you than defeat and disappointment! I bet you already knew that but I thought you could use the reminder.

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