Let’s Talk Turkey!

Let’s talk turkey …so to speak.

This well known phrase is used to discuss a subject in a no-nonsense kinda way. So I thought I’d use it to illustrate the disturbing misconception that protein is solely found in animal flesh and products. If you find this subject confusing then you’re not alone since we’ve been directed or misdirected by countless organizations for as long as we can remember. Our bodies metabolize what we eat by breaking it down into little bitty parts. In the case of protein it’s broken down to amino acids. Whether it’s from a plant source or animal source…period.

* hint – both include protein

So excuse my bluntness when I say I’m not tryin to pee on your parade and dissuade you from your Christmas dinner including turkey and all the sides cause I ordered my large fresh turkey this week. I’m just sharing that your colourful, flavorful and fibrous side dishes include their fare share of your almighty protein as well!!!

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