Planning for Success

Before becoming consistent with your plan you must first develop a plan. Of course it’s much easier to implement AND stay mostly on track if the plan is both realistic and tailored to you. A gradual lifestyle change, quite simply, a better way to go. Move everyday, walk, stretch or workout, whatever serves you. Let troubles go by forgiving your mistakes, calming exercises or getting help. Add a serving of veggies to one meal and increase that bit by bit until you’re enjoying 5 – 10 servings per day (a serving isn’t as big as you think – look it up). Enjoy positive and purposeful connections as often as you can. Be creative, learn something, teach someone something, spend time with friends and family, etc. Get great sleep by adopting consistent and soothing sleep hygiene habits. These power principles can help you to manage weight, stress and improve your quality of life. If you’d enjoy more direction I’m just a DM away.

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