No Bull$#!t

Wanna get fit and stay fit…even if you’re middle-aged like me??? All you gotta do is this;

Physical activity daily! Whatever blend of activities you like from walking to strength training to yoga or HIIT classes or whatever tickles your fancy.

Overcome bad stress because it’s like poison in your body. Problem solve by finding a solution, delegating, getting help and/or acceptance.

Whole Plant Foods easily support weight loss, management and vitality. Simply eat more of them.

Enjoy purposeful connections that stimulate your mind and give you the good feels!

Restore your body with rest and quality sleep. It sounds simple but it’s not. All of your systems need rest so find a way to build that into your life!

These POWER principles sum up what it takes to look and feel exactly how you want to look and feel! It took me years of experience, research, studies and certifications to come up with this simple solution…so it’s OK if it sounds wonky or unrealistic to you. But it works. Just like any endeavor, if it’s not working on your own then get some help!

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