The Doldrums

I just learned today that this was actually a geographic place. To put it simply, The Doldrums are near the equator where winds are sparse and sailing ships sometimes get stuck. Of course I’ve heard the phrase before and actually thought it was spelled, ‘dulldrums’ due to the feeling it references. It clearly illustrates the emotion of the wind being out of your sails, feeling lethargic or stagnant. The beauty of us not being sailiong vessels is that we have the ability to move without the assistance of the wind and can create wind in our own sails. Now, I’m not saying that this is always easy but when you find the right inspiration or motivation to create some kinda action then it’s often easier to stay in motion and continue pushing forward. This also helps to be your own future motivation due to the feelings of empowerment and accomplishment this action brings about. We are, afterall, the captains of our destiny. As recognized by a favorite character of mine (Bill Murray) in the movie ‘What About Bob?’ – “I’m sailing!”

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