Why Seek Perfection?

So the media has been doin’ us a disservice for as long as I can remember by flasing these ‘perfect’ bodies over so many outlets. We see characters in movies, on TV OR social media who appear flawless but don’t show the backstory of the efforts and choices that the fictional characters OR actual people have made to attain these physiques. What I’m pointing out there is the importance of doing research or asking questions to find out HOW that physique was attained then deciding if you’re interested and willing to put forth the same (or similar) efforts.

While I respect that hard work, I am absolutely not willing to follow such a rigid workout schedule and highly restrictive dietary habits (again) in order to attain that physique. While I enjoyed the feel of my super tight tummy, I was exhausted and fairly bitchy (as I’m told). It also took my body a couple years to stabilize and settle into the weight and firmness that I now easily maintain. Being a less soft and sluggish version of yourself is a valuable goal or purpose but please don’t make the mistake of the all or nothing approach because it isn’t worth it OR necessary!

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