Let S#it Go!

I know, I know this is so much easier to say than do and I fully expect to be called on it by some people (you know who you are) but I really do believe that it’s both possible and important! Some problems are simply beyond our scope or ability to deal with. By recognizing what these are you can alleviate your stress by handing the problem off to an individual, a group OR the Universe and ACCEPT that it is out of your hands. While I know that this is a big pill to swallow and I find it challenging at times I’m also very aware of the peace it brings when I’m successful with it. Why is it that we think all problems must be solved by us individually? Is it vanity that makes us believe we have all the answers? Maybe it’s embaressment or fear of asking for help or admitting that we don’t. Whatever the reason is I can assure you that there is great peace to be found in letting s#it go so please give it a try!

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