What’s Involved in Fitness?

I’ve said it before, so many times, because it bears repeating. There’s more to fitness than exercise. Working out (when performed appropriately) will make you stronger, shape your muscles and therefore your body, improve your energy level while boosting endorphins to name just a few benefits. It has, however, little or no effect on substantial weight loss. Exercise is important but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. This is part of the reason that you don’t see everybody at the gym creating a drastic change to their physique. They are likely missing some, or all, of the other fitness principles.

In order to lose the soft spots that weigh you down and achieve the fit body you want you must approach fitness from a holistic perspective including exercise, nutrition, stress management, restorative down time and sleep. It’s not rocket science but it is science – it’s only complicated if you complicate it. There are widely accepted truths that work but your plan must also serve you. Finding the right coach who listens to and respects your choices WHILE offering you direction, accountability and motivation is necessary to your fitness success!

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