Food for Thought

Thanksgiving weekend has a history of being a yummy and indulgent weekend but it doesn’t have to mess up your weight loss goal. By all means eat what you’re excited about and enjoy it no matter what. Turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pie or whatever suits you doesn’t wreck your success. It’s a yummy meal that is often enjoyed with loved ones and makes you feel good by filling your tummy and releasing endorphins. Don’t ruin this positive experience with guilt cause that’s a crappy feeling and happiness feels better.

When choosing the more indulgent or heavy food items just strive to also add colour to your plate in the form of veggies and fruits. Perhaps re-create a family favorite side dish like green bean casserole by omitting the creamy mushroom soup and bacon like I’ve been doing for years. I’m sure that my Gramma and Mom understand even though I’m questioned about the bacon every year by my husband, son and brother. Filling my plate with colourfull and fibrous veggies helps me to enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner without feeling stuffed OR the least bit guilty even when I’m enjoying my pumpkin pie. It is, afterall, a weekend to celebrate the fall harvest.

Enjoy your loved ones and meals this weekend and always remember that the summary of your experiences create your regular lifestyle habits and these are what dictate your weight loss success!

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