Life Is What You Make It

While Duke and I were on our brisk walk this morning we passed a freshly opened gravesite so I paused to recognize that a woman who was predeceased by her husband has likely come to the end of her life. This powerful sight and the recognition of death always makes me wonder how she felt at the end and how I will feel when taking the final stock of my life. What I hope for myself and everyone else is that there are very few regrets and many, many fabulous memories. I hope to feel at peace knowing that I have loved my family and friends deeply and have been deeply loved in return. I want to feel accomplished in the knowledge that I have helped many people both personally and professionally on every occasion that this was attainable without self-harm. I hope to feel strong, in whatever capacity is possible at that point and as pain-free as I am able to be. I want to feel confident that I have consistently taken stock and made the necessary changes or improvements allowing all of the above to be possible. Considering that this is the way I am currently living my life I have every expectation that this will be true.

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