A Healthy Dose of Reality

Wishing is fun but working gets results. Let’s face it, if wishes were effective then everyone would be healthy and fit, living happily together in a world free of disease. This is not the case. In order to change your health and fitness you must first make changes to your activity level, your food choices and very likely how you overcome obstacles, problem solve and deal with stress in general. Now please excuse me while I touch on a mini rant and say unequivocally that you do, in fact, have stress. Perhaps you are one of the few who enjoys healthy stress management habits and you rarely allow frazzled feelings to stick around. If this is you but you don’t feel as healthy or fit as you want to feel then something else is holding you back. Food choices, activity levels and other environmental factors can create unnecessary, chronic or ongoing stress and inflammation in your body. Gaining an understanding of what’s getting in the way of your fitness goals through assessment, planning and the implementation of change is just the healthy dose of reality you need.

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