Membership and Subscription Options

Elementary Membership

What you get:
  • Monthly 1:1 strategy session with Coach Carrie
  • Fillable Daily Tracking Sheet – online
  • Access to private Coach Carrie online Facebook community
  • Supportive / directional resources
  • Workout templates / challenges
  • Meal and menu templates
  • Access to the Member Portal
  • How to change your body guidelines
  • Fun food strategies
  • Featured suggestions for success
  • Healthy lifestyle tips and tricks
$200/month + HST

Advanced Membership

Elementary Inclusions Plus:
  • Weekly 1:1 strategy session with Coach Carrie supporting greater consistency in your plan
  • Ability to have your questions answered in between 1:1 sessions through accountability check-ins
  • Healthy habit forming through more consistent contact and support
$500/month + HST

Monthly Subscription

Are you a go-getter who’s consistently holding yourself accountable? Do you want direction and motivation to support you on your journey to be a better you? Subscription to the Member Portal gains you access to numerous downloadable resources including tracking sheets, workout challenges, recipes, menu suggestions and more as well as a fillable daily tracking sheet to help maintain your accountability. Contact with Coach Carrie through the WhatsApp button gives you the opportunity to have questions answered. You’ll also find regularly updated information on the following topics:

  • How to change your body guidelines that are easy and repeatable
  • Nutrition suggestions and easy recipes to inspire healthy meal planning
  • Featured suggestions for success
  • Healthy lifestyle tips and tricks to support and inspire you

One-Time Purchase Options

Introductory Offer

Want to try out a coaching session to see if the fit is right for you before committing to a program, membership or subscription? Great idea! Let’s have a chat about where you’re coming from and what you’d like to achieve. 

Kick Start Program

In this one month Program we’ll assess together where you’re starting and develop a clear plan using proprietary guidelines to set you on your way to success. Weekly strategic coaching sessions to keep you motivated and accountable are accompanied by numerous resources to support your kick-start journey of developing healthy new habits for your body, mind and spirit. 

Development Program

With a greater period of time this three month program allows for the development of many healthy new habits. Weekly strategic coaching sessions and supportive resources will keep you motivated and accountable while firmly developing these habits that lead to your success!

Establishment Program

The beginning of a new endeavour, no matter what the size, is the biggest step. The longer you continue on that journey the easier it becomes. Over the course of this six month program you will securely establish thoughts, feelings and actions that will continue to support your health and wellness. Again weekly strategic coaching sessions supported by numerous resources will motivate and empower you!

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