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You Must Believe

A powerful decision is all well and good but if you don’t believe in your ability to accomplish it then it will NEVER happen. Ouch, I know this might sound harsh but my intent is to empower you so bare with me please. These pesky little critters called limiting beliefs are very natural to each

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Suck It Up NOT In

You know that feeling you have when you catch a glimpse of yourself and suddenly feel the urge to suck in your gut? C’mon…we’ve all been there. The fabulous counterpart of that feeling is the recognition that you have no gut to suck in! If you know it then you love it OR remember loving

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Have Faith

My favorite way to define faith is to have unwavering belief or complete trust in someone or something. Now here’s where I might sound more controversial. I believe that having faith in yourself and your abilities is paramount! Of course it’s important to have faith in others but let’s face it…you begin and end each

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Does Size Matter?

Easy friends, I’m talking about clothing size. Manufacturer’s label clothing items to ease your shopping experience and offer you an indication of how the garment will fit. How they choose to label these items is ABSOLUTELY not a reflection of your personal value! The word or number on the tag describes the clothing, NOT you.

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Assume Success

While assumptions can be dangerous that isn’t always the case. For some reason we have this crazy tendency to assume failure before even trying to accomplish something. That’s a great example of a negative or dangerous assumption. I mean really…how can you get anything done with that attitude?!?! When you assume success however, the sky’s the

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Intermittent Fasting

The onset of spring just screams renewal and regeneration to me. I mean, it’s literally springing up out there day by day. After rest comes awakening. For the earth and each of us. We repair and replenish while we sleep…every damn night! To varying degrees depending on our lifestyle and general well-being. Wanna boost that

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What’s a Win?

A win is any moment that makes you happy or gives you ‘the feels.’ Whether it’s sunshine when you wake-up, a smile or hug from a loved one or accomplishing a goal that’s BIG or little…these are the moments that must be recognized, enjoyed and stored in our memories ♥. Overcoming obstacles fits into that

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Simple Lifestyle Changes Will Change Your Body

Why does this work? Quite simply because it’s easier to implement and continue simple changes than a complete lifestyle overhaul. I mean really…are you eager to totally recreate your daily routine?? I’m certainly not and neither are my clients. Drink more water, go for a walk, get quality sleep, eat more veggies, exercise how you

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