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Results or Excuses

Just about everybody says they really want results BUT they seem to find excuses so easily. Of course there will be challenges in your health and fitness journey – just like any endeavor. They typically range from busy work and social schedules to injury or trauma. Can’t find the time in your day for a

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Gaining Trust

You don’t gain trust by asking for it. You earn trust by consistently demonstrating that you’re worthy of it…aka, trustworthy. Consider a time where someone has said, “trust me.” Didn’t that create doubt for you? Why trust based on a request? Those that you really trust (I hope) are the people in your life who

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We’re Animals Too!

Do you know why cougars (not mature women chasing younger men) don’t eat berries? It’s the same reason that deer don’t eat chicken. Because they aren’t susceptible to media or advertising and exist on food sources that are naturally occurring. Of course it is a common belief that we are more evolved as humans and

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Keeping it Real

Realistic limitations and actions are much easier to adopt, practice and become habitual. This is why it’s so important to set up your plan using realistic or easily achievable guidelines. Consider these two options using sugar as an example since it’s a strong addiction for many; 1. I’ll never eat processed sugar again. 2. Following

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Why be Specific?

You don’t need to write a novel but you’ve gotta have details in your goal AND your action plan. I wanna lose weight by eating less is NOT specific enough. How much weight OR how many inches or clothing sizes lost need to be included in your goal! If you can’t visualize or see the

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Change is Inevitable

This is a known fact. Change is certain to happen and there’s no denying that. Your options are to let it happen OR affect the change. Some changes are beyond your control like the passing of time, aging, and the actions of others. What you have absolute control over is your thoughts, your feelings and

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Valuable Actions

I’m sure you know the importance of taking action to achieve your goals but have you considered what kind of value these actions have? When I speak of their value I’m not only referring to their ability to change your body even though that’s a BIG part of it. What is often overlooked is whether

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Let’s Talk About…Carbs

So maybe they’re less interesting than sex but they’re still important. First of all ‘carbs’ include but are not limited to bread, pasta, rice and the often villainized potatoe. I’m a little sensitive about that one because potatoes are one of my fave foods! Carbohydrates or ‘carbs’ include all of the edible plants AND things

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Your Plan Must Suit You

It’s super hard to achieve anything without a plan. Even getting out of bed in the morning requires pulling back the bedding then sitting and standing up. You just keep doing it because it’s a well established habit. The same applies to your weight loss goal. You need a simple plan that is easy (so

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