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Free Will

It really is a blessing you know? Here’s how. Free will gives you (and only you) the opportunity to act, think and feel however YOU want to. No matter what the situation is you’re the ONLY one with control over those special and uniquely individual things. Of course dilemmas, schedule interruptions and the behavior of

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Consistency is Key

Consistency is key and you simply cannot reach a goal without it. You didn’t learn to walk or talk on your first attempt (some of us continue to develop the skill of talking or effective communication). Think about all that you have learned to do and what you’ve accomplished to date. Was any of it

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What’s Your Plan???

I really can’t stress this point enough. You must have a plan in order to reach a goal. A simple wish or want doesn’t cut it. What can be simple however, is the goal AND plan to achieve it. It’s not rocket science – unless of course you’re wanting to be a rocket scientist that

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Failure is Part of Success

I realize that these sound like antonyms and as far as their definitions are concerned they are. But here’s why you can’t possibly have success without first facing some failure. Learning what doesn’t work is at least as valuable as recognizing what does. When you’re trying to accomplish something (weight loss for example) you make

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Living Your Best Life

Here’s what this title means to me – and likely many of you. When my actions match my words and feelings I feel like I’m being my true or authentic self. Moving my body daily because it matters to me or being honest because I don’t respect lying are examples of how I behave. When

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What’s the Hold-up?

Setting a goal and making a plan to achieve it often involves creativity and excitement!Why is it then that sometimes even the smallest of steps seem daunting? Perhaps the step itself isn’t a good fit for you OR you don’t really want to achieve or BELIEVE you can achieve the goal. I get that this

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Don’t Jump In!

Because it’s both scary and exciting to begin a new process, very often fear wins and you don’t even start. Think about getting into cold water or an uncomfortable conversation that’s necessary. Jumping in, literally or figuratively, creates a HUGE sense of anxiety or uneasiness. Why not dip your toes then wade in slowly. Planning,

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The Beauty of No

Ok, bear with me cause I get that ‘no’ doesn’t sound beautiful to everyone. The beauty lies in the freedom it gives you. Sometimes a little thought is required but learning to say no and be comfortable with it allows you to set and respect your boundaries. It doesn’t need to be your go-to answer

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What is I.F?

There’s been much talk about Intermittent Fasting and it’s no secret that I practice and promote it. I enjoy the numerous benefits that it offers me and clients but that’s a whole other topic or blog. First let’s define it; intermittent means occurring at irregular intervals and fasting means the absence of eating or drinking.

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