What I.F?

This is a question of, “What if we could eat whatever we want yet still look and feel fit and healthy?” That works if you naturally choose whole and healthy food most of the time without deprivation or over indulgence. In a nutshell that is what I’m referring to and I’ll define it after a brief explanation of two other eating practices. There’s a lot of talk about Intermittent Fasting and Intuative Feeding which have some similarities. Intermittent Fasting means changing your eating and fasting periods at irregular times often decreasing meals eaten per day. The ‘intermittent’ portion sometimes gets lost in translation. Intuitive Feeding speaks about eating what and when you feel like, with the assumption that your naturally occurring choices will support your health and fitness goals. Intuition is a feeling so unless you’ve established the habit of healthy choices you might be dissapointed. My favorite I.F. is Interpretive Feeding where you’re actually assessing your hunger and satisfaction (not fullness) and making a conscious decision about what and when to eat and stop. These all discourage the notion of scheduling meals soley based on time of day and tend to be understood to varying degrees. Also, depending on the source, the type or quality of food is not addressed and this plays an important role. Knowledge really is power so read, research, or ask to learn more!

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