Solving Insecurities

While at the beach recently a good friend jokingly said to me, “Your insecurities are invalid and ours aren’t.” My friends are awesome and she was totally kidding but here’s why I may have less physical insecurities than some. I want my body to look and feel strong so I strength train three times per week. Not excluding vacation time, not only when I feel energized or pain free but always three times per week. I’m not talking about walking lunges with a sprained ankle or intense workouts while feeling sick. There are many ways to adapt a workout for most situations and thankfully I’m well versed in them. Overcoming a problem by coming up with a solution is empowering. If you don’t know what the solution is you can still enjoy the feeling of empowerment by puting an outsourced plan into action! You get the great feels by making the effort no matter where the idea comes from!

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