Don’t Sweat the Details?

I guess it depends on how much direction you’re looking for. When trying to change your body and improve your health you might need a gentle nudge/reminder to workout OR you might need a workout plan including what to do, how often, for how long and at what intensity. No matter where you are on this spectrum – it’s absolutely OK! Once you’ve decided how much direction or detail you’re seeking then you’ve gotta find a credible source that you trust and respect. Here’s a few things to keep in mind on your search. You are a unique person! Your history, lifestyle and goals are unique to you alone so your plan must be as well. This means that your coach must listen to and respect you and your choices. That’s not to say that you’ll love all the advice being offered to you so you must be ready to make some choices AND some efforts otherwise you’re just paying to hear words. The good news is that once you commit and make the effort you will see results so you’d better be ready and excited for that too!

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