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Wanna know what plan works? The one you will follow! If you decide upon a slow and relaxed approach then you can expect to experience results in a slow and relaxed way. To be clear, I am NOT suggesting that you take agressive action because that approach isn’t sustainable and consistency is what gets results. How about finding the middle ground?

Making decisions about your lifestyle (day to day choices and activity) requires honesty about what you’re willing to do. There is absolutely no point in committing to veganism if you aren’t willing to give up meat and animal products. You could, however, reduce your intake in order to lessen your consumption of unnecessary and harmful fat. Signing up for an intensive bootcamp style class if you don’t like hard core workouts is a waste of money. There are endless styles of exercise from relaxed and restorative all the way to hard core and super sweaty so try some out and find which ones you like best.

Physical exercise and dietary choices are heavy hitters in the fitness game but they aren’t the only players. Stress management, daily enjoyment and restorative sleep round out the team. There are many suggestions or directions to be found online through various sources but they can be confusing and are often contradictory. You could pick and choose through them in order to develop your own plan work with a fitness and lifestyle coach to gain more support, direction and accountability. Having a knowledgeable and experienced coach helps to clear up your confusion by answering questions and giving you step by step instructions to be simply fit!

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2 thoughts on “Simply Fit

  1. John O'Reilly says:

    I couldn’t agree more
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post! It’s so important to find a plan that works for you and fits with your lifestyle. I completely agree that taking a slow and relaxed approach is more sustainable in the long term. My question for you is, what are some examples of restorative exercises and how do they compare to more intense workouts in terms of effectiveness?
    John O’Reilly

    1. coachcarriebrooks says:

      Thank-you for your feedback and question John. Restorative exercises and stretches are very unique to the individual and circumstance so I cannot give examples without more background information. Their benefits, however, are wonderful in that they support recovery and a safe challenge to whatever ails you. I welcome the opportunity to discuss through the messaging option on my website.


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