Know What You’re Eating?

It may sound silly but so many people aren’t aware of what’s in their food choices. Processed foods with ingredient lists are tricky enough for individuals to understand because they list macro and micronutrients that aren’t taught unless you’ve chosen to learn about them. Even whole and unprocessed foods like rice, avocado or salmon can be confusing because they’re often simply classified as (considered) carbohydrate, fat and protein respectivly. There’s more to each of them than one macronutrient and they have varied micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) profiles.

Whether your goal is weight loss, fitness, general wellness or all three you need a plan to achive that. A lifestyle plan lacking nutrition knowledge is, in a word, dumb. In order to reach your goal you must learn how to do that through education, research and experience OR by seeking direction from someone who has done the work!

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