Free Will

Our convictions are very unique and personal. While we share some with others, typically those closest to us, we all vary by a little or a lot. Sometimes this presents challenges in our fitness and lifestyle choices especially when seeking advice and finding that it doesn’t fit into our current convictions. Here’s where free will comes in.

You alone get to decide what advice you follow and what advice you don’t. When trying to improve your fitness it’s important to note that a change in your behavior yields a change in your body but you make that choice! Oh, and please recognize that it requires repetition because a change to your fitness isn’t gonna be instant. So ask for advice from a trusted source, clarify the information and be selective about what choices you implement. Remembering, of course, that your results are directly dependant on your decisions and your actions!

Use free will to your advantage by choosing the actions that both suit you AND get you the fitness results you’re searching for! If you found this helpful please start a conversation by sharing a reply or sign up to have new content delivered directly to your inbox.

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