Working Works!

Yeah, I know that sounds unclear and redundant all at once but bear with me and I’ll elaborate. All too often I see people make one step towards a leaner and stronger body and think that it’s enough. Joining a gym, hiring a coach and buying wholesome groceries is all well and good but if you don’t follow that by consistently striving for change in your day to day life than you’re just spending money on a wish. Continued efforts are required to change your body much like the absence of efforts likely got you to a physique that you’re uncomfortable with (in most cases). To be clear, efforts small and big will yield a change albeit on varying timelines. The trick is to make changes that suit you without scaring you because those are the ones you will stick with and sticking with the work is the only way it works!

I hope this offers some clarity and if you’re unsure of what types of changes to make than research OR reach out to someone who knows, like me.

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