You Don’t Need Meat

I’m not telling you that you must be done eating meat, although it would do you and the world some good. I am, however, sick of hearing people say, “Oh I’m just one of those people who need meat for protein” for the simple reason that those people don’t exist! If you’re a meat eater it’s because you want it, like it and have a current habit of eating it. That’s it! Protein exists in varying amounts in ALL plant foods and it’s where your ‘meat protein source’ gets it from. While I realize that social media platforms like this allow me the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions, I also respect free will and personal decision. That said, the choice to eat meat or not is yours but imagine if free will was more than a human experience and extended to animals as well.

I’m respectfully asking you to simply consider this and do your own research OR start a conversation of your own.

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