Don’t Have Time?

Time just exists. We created it as a measurement and organizational tool, I think? That being said, we all have the same 24 hours in each and every day adding up to 168 hours per week. Assume that you’re sleeping about 50 hours weekly (the suggested average minimum) and you’re left with about 118 weekly hours or 17 per day. Most of us work, to varying degrees, leaving about half of our waking hours to organize as we see fit (notice my choice of words). Your priorities dictate how you organize your time. That’s it! Fitness doesn’t even need to be your first priority in order to schedule it into most days (3 to 5 weekly). You’ll be amazed how easy it is once you’ve created the habit and that only takes about 3 weeks. If you can’t make it work on your own then get help. All you’ve gotta do is start…now!

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