It’s Up To You!

Your health and fitness (amongst other things) is ultimately up to you. Of course you can outsource specialized information and care from doctors and health professionals ranging from holistic medicine to fitness coaches and everyone in between. Following their direction, however, while being aware of your improvement and general physical state is on you. When it comes to your fitness plan it’s certainly no different. The decisions you make and actions you take are paramount to your success. Signing up for a program or simply hiring a coach doesn’t create weight loss or any change in your body. No matter who’s advice you choose to follow, you must actually follow it consistently in order to see and enjoy results.

The market is FULL of both in person and online coaches so chat with a few to find the right fit for you. Once you’ve made your choice please remember that we’re all here in order to “teach you how to fish” instead of “giving you a fish.” In order to avoid confusion don’t sign up for multiple fishing charters simultaneously!

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